Rapé Chacruna Forest Snuff “Meditation” Amazon tribes

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Rapé Chacruna Forest Snuff “Meditation” Amazon tribes

This product was made using rustic extract of CHACRUNA (Psychotria viridis) and Cetico ash.

Throughout the Amazon, many of the Indian tribes use Chacruna leaves because they add a spiritual and magical quality to the different mixtures of remedies such as snuff or concoctions.

It acts on the heart, solar plexus, crown and frontal chakras, transmuting negative energies through the heart chakra, realigning the other chakras. They harmonize the Buddha, astral, mental, intellectual, moral, subtle, and physical bodies in joy, determination, wisdom, health, firmness. Eliminates negative energies in physical, mental, moral, and intellectual health.
This medicine will help people to have health, determination, fluid communication, have more security, confidence in their interior and potential, increase inner light, give more credit to intuition, have more energy reserves so they can create a shield of light repelling the negative. It opens the doors to love, unity, determination, joy, faith, understanding, walking with your head held high, success, achieving dreams, doing your duty, prosperity and compassion.

This medicine has a great influence on conjugal and fraternal love.

It was made in the basin of the Yavari river, in the indigenous lands of the Matses and Katukina tribes, on the international borders with Peru and the Acre state of Brazil.

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