Welcome to the Matses Tribe of Amazon

We are ‘matsesherbs.com’ is a web store that offers unique and sacred products directly from the Amazon of Peru and Brazil.
Our project was born with the mission of promoting a traditional worldview of the Amazon region, which considers nature as a living being.
“we would like to share this magical vision of the world of shamanic practice and share messages of wisdom and love with other spiritual beings in the world.
Our products are ethically harvested by the Matses Tribe and other tribes from the deep Amazon.
Our products are for the well-being of the body and soul, and are based on traditional indigenous knowledge, which are so necessary in the real world.
The forces of our product can help us to improve the quality of life and general well-being for all.

Fair Trade

Because we plays an active role in the community, it guarantees that we share and support our indigenous tribes.
We maintain strict standards to identify and obtain products of the highest quality from the purest sources and we do the shipments directly from the Amazon.
Without intermediaries, they are the direct work of our indigenous companions, and all are offered with love and with a firm.
Commitment with the protection of ecosystems within these regions, we guarantee fair trade in our organic practices.

matsesherbs team

Master matses (Luis Dunu)


Official Store: matsesherbs.com
Tribe Matses: Valley river Yavarí [Peru – Brazil]
Apu Matsés: Tito Fasabi
Master matses: Luis Dunu
Since: 2017