Yopo Activated Powerful Ceremonial Ritual | VISION | Powder

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Yopo Activated Powerful Ceremonial Ritual | VISION | Powder

(Yopo: Anadenanthera Peregrina)

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Yopo activated is very strong and visionary. It is made by a unique expert of medicine. contains 5-MeO-DMT chemical substance belongs to the hallucinogenic tryptamine family.

In this state, Yopo Activated begins its work, opening the doors to the visionary world and transporting us on an indescribable journey that takes us inward, in a deep connection and eliminating resistance, fears, anxieties and providing comprehensive healing. This gives a new dimension to the work and experience, taking them in different directions.

The method of application of this medicine is like a Rapé, it is recommended to apply only a little, as it is strong. (1 gram for 6 doses), thus it passes directly to the entire system, expanding the level of consciousness almost immediately due to entry into an intense altered state. of conscience.


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