Palo Santo Oil Bursera Graveolens Holy Wood Essential 10 ml

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Palo Santo Oil (Holy Wood) Bursera Graveolens ESSENTIAL Pure 10 ml

Palo Santo Strong 100% Natural and Virgin from Peru… Therapeutic Grade!

The essential oil of Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens) is known as a spiritual oil, with a strong tradition in which it is used by our Amazon and Andean tribes to purify and cleanse the air and eliminate negative energies.

Considered by the cultures of northern Peru as a sacred tree, it was part of the rituals of purification.

A mystical and powerful AE that is only extracted from the dead tree naturally. Its aroma relaxes and helps to meditate.

Fair Trade: Supporting to the Amazonian tribes is part of us, Please join us quest to get the best natural products


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