Rapé DYOOROXAO Wild Mix Cumala Extract “Connection” (#3)

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DYOOROXAO Strongest Wild Mix Cumala Extract Rapé “Connection” Peruvian Amazon

(DYOOROXAO Powerful Wild Mix Cumala Extract)

This snuff is perfect for ceremonial use, it is much stronger than the other varieties.  It is very nice to use this snuff during medicine ceremonies or prior to a meditation. 

DYOOROXAO: It is a mixture of extracts, very strong, used by Huitotos and Ocaines.

This product is made by our Huitoto tribe of the Putumayo River

Huitoto tribe

Ethnic group of our Amazon, inhabit the riversides, Apaporis, Caquetá, Algodon and Putumayo in the Peruvian Amazon, on the border with Colombia. They speak the Huitoto language that is found within the Ocaine linguistic family,

They are also known as Dyo’xaiya or Ivo’tsa. The Huitoto have history and cultural characteristics with the Ocaine, Resígaros and Andoques.

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