Ayahuasca Banisteriopsis Caapi Vine Yage Powder

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Banisteriopsis Caapi Ayahuasca Vine Yage Powder

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COMMON NAMES: Ayahuasca Vine, Biaxa, Caapi, Dapa, Doctor, Kahi, Vine of the Dead, Vine of the Soul, Yage, Yahe.

Banisteriopsis caapi Ayahuasca: Many tribes regard Banisteriopsis caapi also known as Ayahuasca as a plant of the gods. Known as a Master Plant Teacher, this giant woody vine grows in the lush Amazon rainforest of Peru and Brazil, with many curious characteristics and properties that have drawn worldwide attention. It belongs to the Malpighiaceae family and has been traditionally used by countless South American tribes inhibiting the Amazon for thousands of years. Known most commonly for its healing power, this vine is richly steeped in cultural mythology and tradition. Although it is revered internationally it is still considered to be a very mysterious plant, arguably one of the most fascinating and culturally rich plants on earth.

The vine possesses a rather distinct appearance, with a circular twisting shape that bears many branches and leaves. It has been recorded to grow on average of 40 ft in height! The leaves of the caapi are opposite, green, oval-shaped, pointed on the end and are smooth. The flowers are petite (12-14mm in diameter and 2.5-3mm long) with a white to pinkish colour when in full bloom. They are indeed a special and rare sight to see.  Small fan-like seeds are produced that are green in colour when fresh and fade to a brown when dried. It thrives in humus-rich and moist soil, with lots of water such as in warm tropical environments.

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Banisteriopsis Caapi Yellow

FAMILY: Malpighiaceae
GENUS: Banisteriopsis


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