Rapé Sapota Menta [mint] | Kuntanawa

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Rapé Sapota Menta [mint] | Kuntanawa

Other Names Rapés (Hapi, hape, Rapay, ‘ha-peh’)

Rapé Sapota menta From Brazil

Sapota is a very special rapé that comes from the upper Jurua region of the Kuntanawa people. The Sapota tree is known as a mother tree that provides food and strength. They eat the delicious fruits and also the inner bark. The Capelao monkeys sing in these trees late at night, waking up and calling all the beings in the forest.

This exquisite ingredient is a crucial element of a powerful and balanced blend and should not be omitted from your own favorite snuff composition. The ashes mix excellently with any of the tobacco powders. In addition, mixing Tobacco with ashes increases strength and absorption, making it exquisitely strong. As one, after becoming more familiar with the use of indigenous snuff, he will begin to notice that all the ashes have their own quality and effect, some lighter on the nose, some a little sharp, some strengthen the snuff and all have their particularity. medicinal qualities.

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