Rapé Sananga “Powerful” Unique | Rapé without tobacco

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Rapé Sananga Powerful Unique Matses | Rapé without tobacco

Rapé Sananga is unique and Powerful from the Matses tribe, it is made with the bark of the tree Sananga (Tabernaemontana U.) a medicinal plant native to the Amazon of Brazil and Peru.

Ancestral and unique medicine, it is a Rapé yellow and does not contain tobacco, completely different from that of the other tribes in the region.

BENEFITS: Increases visual acuity for hunting within the Amazon rainforest. It helps sharpen eyesight, awareness and additional sensory perception so they can stay strong and focused. They believe that Sananga also improves the ‘panema’. When a person lacks panema, there is poor motivation and concentration, laziness, depression, sadness, bad luck and negative energetic influences that can make life difficult along with illness. The Matseses believe that Sananga extends their connection to the spiritual realms. On an energetic level, this sacred plant helps open the third eye, while decalcifying and activating the pineal gland.

The best and natural that exists, Direct de la tribe

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