Rapé Nukini Menta [mint] | Nukini Tribe “VISION”

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Rapé Nukini Menta [mint] “VISION”

OUR NUKINI RAPÉ (Hapi, hape, Rapay, ‘ha-peh’)

Nukini tribe

The Nukini families are distributed along the igarapés Timbaúba, Meia Dúzia, República, Capanawa and on the left bank of the Môa river. They are mostly located in the interior of the Indigenous Land (TI) Nukini, in the Municipality of Mâncio Lima. In 2010, there were approximately 900 people in this IT.

The Nukini Indigenous Land is located in the Acre, extreme southwest of the Brazilian Amazon. The state has international borders with Peru and national borders with the states of Amazonas and Rondônia.

Most of the plants that are used to make medicines and handicrafts are collected by the women of the tribe.

The Rapé, of the Nukini, is known to be full of strong power, since the shamans of the tribe often formulate and prepare them.

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