Maraca Rattle Sonaja Shipibo Art Ceremony Caapi (2 pieces)

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Genuine Rattle Maraca Sonaja Shipibo Art Ceremony Caapi (LGE) 2 pieces

A beautiful Rattle is made of Amazon fruit (Huito) and Pona handle, traditionally used by shamans in the ceremonies and rituals of Ayahuasca medicine.

Real, genuine and original designs.

Handmade by our Kambo Shaman.

The Rattle wrapped in fibers and natural paints.

The size is big.

A rare opportunity to own this powerful Amazon instrument tool.

Keep in mind that, given the individual craftsmanship involved, each Rattle is unique and may vary slightly from the one your friend bought. This is the final touch that gives his Rattle personality.

Rattles are traditional instruments and are always present among the objects of the power of the shaman, they Help control the rhythmically chanted incantations.

Fair Trade. Supporting our Amazonian tribes and indigenous artists is part of Matsesherbs projects, Join us for the best natural products…


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