Mapacho 1kg Approx (Uncut Roll) Nicotiana Rustica Fresh 1 Roll

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1 KG Approx Mapacho (UNCUT ROLL) Rustica Fresh from Amazon 1 Roll
Listing is for only One roll! (Mapacho MAHUIZO)
This product has NOT been treated with any type of pesticide, herbicide, or any other harmful chemicals.
I remember a beautiful experience that was shared with me after an ceremony. A brother Matses told me that the mapacho spirit had talked with him,
“I saw a beautiful black woman crying. She introduced herself as the female energy of the mapacho spirit. She told him that she was so sad for what people are doing with her. They are putting poison in my leaves and then people believe that I am making them sick. You must tell them this. The traditional way of using my power must be known and people should know the difference between a cigarette and the mapacho itself”

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8 reviews for Mapacho 1kg Approx (Uncut Roll) Nicotiana Rustica Fresh 1 Roll

  1. Elixlabs (verified owner)

    Excellent produit je recommande vivement

  2. jlo1983 (verified owner)

    Fresco Mapacho, buen producto, lleguo en 1 mes.

  3. Danny Schwarz (verified owner)

    Very good quality products and medicines. The Mapacho was very fresh and strong.
    Costumer service is quick and very friendly and helpful.
    True excellency on the part of the company.
    Fast shipped and arrival was accompanied with top quality medicine.

    Thank you very much matsesherbs team and God bless you all for offering such good medicines by our great mother soil.

    Greetings from Germany! <333

  4. Giuseppe Giallombardo (verified owner)

    Fresh product, top quality. Highly recommended!

  5. salman moghaddam (verified owner)

    Very good. This is exactly like what I bought in the jungle markets of Peru.
    Good shopping time considering it only cost $10 and arrival to Canada is usually slow. Very nicely packaged and tagged. I paid on Feb 12, order was shipped Feb 16, arrived in Canada March 10

  6. (verified owner)

    Great seller. First class products, service and shipping, Buy with absolute confidence!

  7. Amy Radford (verified owner)

    This is the freshest Mapacho I’ve ever purchased! Excellent quality, thank you!

  8. Michael Thomson (verified owner)

    Excellent product, my favorite

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