Kuraca Organic Wild Mix of 8 Herbs (Aphrodisiac) Powder (200 gr)

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Kuraca Organic Wild Mix of 8 herbs Powder Peru (Aphrodisiac)

200 gr / 7 Oz

Contents: Clavo huasca + Chuchuhuasi + Ipururo + Catoaba + Brotes de Caña Brava + Guarana + Icoja + Canela

It is one of the strongest and most famous aphrodisiacs traditionally used our Amazonian natives. Traditionally used for millennia by our Amazonian tribes of Perú for sexual impotence.


The experience acquired ancestrally by our ethnic groups has allowed us to obtain preparations such as Kuraca, the result of a combination of barks, fruits and macerated roots, where the synergy between its active components produces a restorative effect of the vital functions prevailing its Aphrodisiac action.

The Kuracas: 

The kuraca or Apu is a leader of the indigenous tribes; that is, it has several women depending on the ethnic group and the number of inhabitants. Thanks to his virility, the kuraca can make all the women of his tribe pregnant to have future warriors.

Traditional uses:

The contents of the package, macerate in two and a half liters of schnapps for seven days, sift and sweeten with honey to taste. Take a drink in the morning, at night and before the meeting.

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