Kaxinawa Rapé Very Strong | Huni Kuin

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Rapé Kaxinawa Very Strong | Huni Kuin

This beautiful Kaxinawa Rapé made by Kaxinawa shaman from the “Huni Kuin” tribe from Brazil. The Kaxinawa rapé is strong and profound. Great for Cleansing and grounding. We are grateful and honored that we are allowed to share this sacred mixture.

Rapé Kaxinawa Very Strong: This extremely potent blend of natural rainforest ingredients is made for bold and brave people. Its unique features support all the “warriors” who need to deal with life’s daily struggles.

This shamanic medicine is aimed at the internal processes that make us who we are. The mixture supports all that inner courage and exclaims the hidden powers of people.
Has been carefully crafted for all people who enjoy a very strong experience. This is truly one of the most powerful Rapés you can find.

The Huní Kuin (Kaxinawa) a native people of the western Amazon, who live from the foothills of the Andes, in Peru, to the border state of Acre and south of the Amazon, covering their territory of Alto Yuruá, Purús and the valley of the Yavarí.

The Kaxinawá are also known as Caxinauá or Kashinawa. this name comes from kaxi or “bat” and nawa which means “people” or “foreigners”. His autonomy is Huni Kuin or “real men”

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