Katukina Rapé MASTER Mix Plants Strong (#13)

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Rapé Katukina Master Mix Plants Strong (7 Sacred Plants)

(Red Virola + Caapi + Cetico + Chacruna + San Pedro + Bobinsana + Chiric Sanango)

This beautiful Rapé Contains 7 Sacred Plants, Extracts and Ashes

The Katukina (also known as Nucuiny, Inucuini, inocu-inins or Remo)

Katukina tribe:

The Katukina tribe is distributed along the igarapés Timbaúba, Meia Dúzia, República, Capanawa and on the left bank of the Môa river.

The Katukina Indigenous Land is located in the Acre, extreme southwest of the Brazilian Amazon and border with Peru.

The Juruá river basin occupies a wide area of ​​250,000 km². The total extension of the Juruá River is of 3,280 km, with a difference of 410 meters. The river was born in Peru at 453 meters. of altitude with the name of Paxiúba, later it is united with the Salambô and from there to below it is called Juruá. It crosses the northwest part of the state of Acre del Sur to the North, and later enters the state of Amazonas and empties into the Solimões River.

Its language comes from the linguistic root of Pano.

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