Kambo Excretion Phyllomedusa Bicolor (10 sticks) Wholesale

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10 sticks of Medicine Kambô with Applicator (Matses) Wholesale

(Giant Leaf Frog, Kambô, Sapo or Kambo)

Extracted from the excretion of the frog Phyllomedusa bicolor, from the limit of the Amazons of Peru and Brazil of native community Matses and Katukina.

Ethically harvested by the Matses tribe in the deep amazon of Perú.

We harvest this beautiful product ourselves in close cooperation with the Matses Community.

We do NOT harm the frogs in any way other than most other collectors of Kambo.

Our products are harvested directly by our Matses and Katukina tribes in the deep amazon of Perú and Brasil

Fair Trade. Supporting our Amazonian tribes and indigenous artists is part of Matsesherbs projects, Join us for the best natural products.

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Our products are not certified by the FDA neither Health Canada for human or animal consumption. They are sold for incense and soap making purposes, decorative purposes and/or legitimate ethnobotanical research. Our products are not sold and intended for human or animal consumption. The information given about the plants is for academic purposes only and not intended to be used medically.


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