CLAVO HUASCA Extract 30X Paste Tynanthus Panurensis | Aphrodisiac

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Strongest 30X Extract Paste CLAVO HUASCA Tynanthus Panurensis from Peruvian Amazon

This extract was traditionally made with only Fresh Wild Crafted Clavo Huasca vine and water nothing else.

30 grams of vine became 1 gram of this Beautiful and Potent Extract

This product has NOT been treated with any type of pesticide, herbicide, or any other harmful chemicals

A beautiful paste concentrated 30 times of Clavo Huasca. This paste was made with water and freshly harvested Clavo Huasca strain. Made by our local indigenous brothers. We slowly boil the Clavo Huasca for many hours, each time, and after 8 hours, we filter the liquid and then boil the clear liquid until it is a thick paste with the pure gold of this plant. You only need 1 gram of this pasta where you would normally need 30 grams of vine. The paste can be dissolved in water or used as it is.

Clavo huasca is also widely regarded as an aphrodisiac for both men and women in Peruvian herbal medicine today. It is an ingredient in two famous herbal formulas for impotency and frigidity which are sold widely in the herbal markets and stores in Peru as aphrodisiacs and for sexual potency. One is called Siete Raices (“seven roots”) and the other is Rompe Calzon (“bust your britches”). In addition, this vine tincture is also employed for fever, aching muscles and arthritis pain in Peruvian herbal medicine. The fresh sap or resin from the root of the plant is used as a toothache remedy-containing a chemical called eugenol which acts as a topical pain-reliever. As an aphrodisiac, clavo huasca is traditionally prepared by macerating the vine bark and wood in alcohol, or most commonly, the local sugar cane rum called aguardiente. In Brazilian herbal medicine, the plant is called cipó cravo; it is considered an excellent remedy for dyspepsia, difficult digestion, and intestinal gas (when brewed as a water decoction) and an aphrodisiac (when macerated in alcohol into a tincture).


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