Camalonga Seeds Thevetia Peruviana (male+female) Wild 100 gr

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100 Grams Seeds (male + female) Wild Camalonga Thevetia Peruviana

The female seed sounds like a rattle when moved and the male seed does not

Camalonga brings the lucidity and an energetic balance, which gives peace and satisfaction to your mind.

We call some shamans as Camalongueros. They claim that it boosts the psychic and mental stability.

They use two seeds, one male and another female


Camalonga is a master Doctor / Teacher seed that is used by curanderos of the amazonia of Perú.

It is used to re-establish the energy levels and restore the nervous system.

There is a category of shamans that are rapidly disappearing along with their traditions.

Wo seeds are used- one male and one female and they are mixed with cane alcohol to macerate it, (they do not eat the seeds).

How to Use: Camalonga, prepared with cane alcohol, (2 seeds- 1 male and 1 female). The seeds are macerated in alcohol.

Traditional use:

An infusion containing Camalonga is commonly used along with Ayahuasca by Amazonian shamans in Ayahuasca ceremonies.

Seeds identified as “macho” and “hembra” are placed in a bottle of aguardiente (distilled sugar cane juice) along with camphor, garlic, and white onion.


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