Ajo Sacha Extract Liquid (Mansoa alliacea) | Tincture 30 ml

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Ajo Sacha Extract Liquid (Mansoa alliacea) | Tincture 30 ml

Ajo Sacha (Mansoa alliacea), it is a plant widely used for medicinal purposes by the ethnic groups of the Peruvian Amazon. Its leaves, roots and bark are used in different preparations to treat a variety of ailments. Its main use is as an antirheumatic, to treat joint and muscle pain and inflammation in general. It is also used to reduce fever and headaches.

The roots and bark are prepared in alcoholic maceration to internally treat rheumatism and arthritis. The leaves are used as an infusion as a general analgesic or in plasters to externally treat general pain (muscle, joint, headache).

The indigenous people of the Amazon use this plant to cleanse the energy body of impurities and infuse it with an omnipresent light. While working with the plant, it is common to enter relaxed meditative states and see vivid or lucid dreams in which the spirit of the plant arrives with its messages.

Ajo Sacha is traditionally used as:

  • analgesic – pain reliever
  • antiarthritic – cures or prevents arthritics symptoms
  • antibacterial – kills bacteria
  • antifungal – treats fungal infections
  • antihistamine – relieves allergy symptoms
  • antihypertensive – treats high blood pressure
  • antiinflammatory – reduces inflammation
  • antipyretic – reduces fever
  • antispasmodic – reduces spasms
  • antitussive – calms coughs
  • antiviral – kills viruses
  • depurative – removes toxins and waste products from the body

Internal use:

5 to 15 drops, 3 times a day, preferably in a hot drink to evaporate the alcohol.


100% ajo sacha extract in alcohol.

Our Ajo sacha extract is made from wild ajo sacha root.


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