Aguaje Oil Mauritia Flexuosa Undilluted Organic Pure 30 ml

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Aguaje Oil Mauritia Flexuosa Undilluted 100% Organic Pure

1 bottle of 30 ml


The aguaje is a native palm of the Amazon that has as potential source of vitamin A for its high content of Beta-carotene. The phytoestrogens that improve female beauty, the climacteric symptoms and have anticarcinogenic effect are present in the oil of the aguaje fruit. Beta-carotene used in hypovitaminosis A, has excellent antioxidant properties, prevents cell aging, inhibits the growth of cancer cells, stimulates the immune system. It is also rich in phytoestrogens, vitamins and minerals that improve the internal and external health of our skin and hair organism.

Traditional use:

Traditionally used by the indigenous peoples of the Amazon as an ointment.

Mature skin, aging

Dry and cracked skin

Eczema, psoriasis and other skin disorders

Exposed to the sun and injured skin

Dry, brittle and damaged hair

Prevents the appearance of cancer on the skin.

It is recommended after the bath. It can be applied on the whole

body, face or hair as, apply gently on the desired area in a circular motion.


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