Tepi Unique PALO SANTO Wood Rapé Snuff Applicator Ayahuasca Native Art

$ 17.99



Unique Traditional Handmade Tepi PALO SANTO Wood Rapé Snuff Applicator Ayahuasca Kambo

Made by the same indigenous shaman artists of the Amazon tribe

A beautiful Tepi made of amazonian wood (Palo Santo) traditionally used for the application of sacred snuff Rapé.

Handmade by our Kambo Shaman.

The Tepi is wrapped in fibers and natural paints.

The Tepi tips are stained with fire and the cleaned pipeline ready to be used.

The size is approximately 7 “

A rare opportunity to possess this powerful tool of Amazonian medicine.

Keep in mind that, given the individual craftsmanship involved, each Tepi is unique and may vary slightly from the one your friend bought. This is the final touch that gives personality to your Tepi.

Fair Trade:

Supporting our Amazonian tribes and indigenous artists is part of Matsesherbs projects, Join us for the best natural products…


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