Rapé “CHALI POWER” forest Snuff “Meditation” Amazon tribes (#08)

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Amazonian forest Mix Snuff “Meditation” Amazon tribes “CHALI POWER” (#08)

OUR NUKINI RAPES (Hapi, hape, Rapay, ‘ha-peh’)

This product was made using rustic extract of CHACRUNA (Psychotria viridis) and Cetico ash. Throughout the Amazon, many of the Indian tribes use Chacru leaves because they add a spiritual and magical quality to the different mixtures of remedies such as snuff or concoctions.

Very powerful and fresh, This product is made by our indigenous shamans in the deep Amazon

It was made in the basin of the Yavari river, in the indigenous lands of the Matses and Katukina tribes, on the international borders with Peru and the Acre state of Brazil.

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